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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 3

Welcome to Abbey Mead / Letter 3 / October, 2018

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the world of The Lady’s Desire. Who is your favorite character in the book? Are you interested in more details about our alpha male character, William Edward Ferguson?

William was born on a farm south of Edinburgh. This fascinating city (I visited there in 2014) is located in southeastern Scotland aka the Lowlands. William and Clan Ferguson are Lowlanders.

Find the Ferguson name on this Scottish Clan Map: .

Most books that feature Scottish heroes usually focus on men from the Highlands. Kilted Highlanders are quite popular figures on the covers of many romance novels.

The Lowland Border Clans in the southeast of Scotland bred rugged men and women who engaged in almost constant warfare with the English in the numerous Border Wars that ravaged the land off and on for centuries. A study of Scotland reveals an often brutal and heartbreaking history. But by the 19th century (1800’s) when The Lady’s Desire takes place, the two countries, Scotland and England, are united under one British monarchy.

Clan Ferguson Plaid
Here is a sample of the Ferguson Plaid. You will find this plaid used on my website’s link to upcoming Abbey Mead books.

In the Abbey Mead novels, we learn that William’s father raised dapple gray/grey horses for the British Cavalry. William and his siblings were reared in the strict principles of the Presbyterian faith. William is educated, well read, and proficient in mathematics. He possesses a fine baritone singing voice. He is brave and heroic. William is also guided by a strong moral compass. But William is only human. And the reader is a sympathetic witness as William falls deeply, unequivocally, and irreversibly in love with a married woman, the Viscountess Anne Tuttle Westmeare.

I hope you enjoy meeting William and will cheer for him and Anne as together they face the many challenges and dangers that await them in the pages ahead…

Remember Shakespeare’s famous quote: The course of true love never did run smooth. (A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

As Always, Audrey Abbott

PS I hope you are reading and enjoying The Lady’s Desire / An Abbey Mead Novel / Book 1. And please let others know about the book through Facebook and Twitter or by word of mouth or by reviewing the book on Amazon or Goodreads! This is an essential process for all authors. The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads can drive a book’s sales and are vital for the success of any book. And as William would say, “It is verra much appreciated!”

PPS Be sure to check out my website: .

PPPS Also check out my publisher’s website: .

Upcoming Local Author Talks and Events in October:

1. Author Talk: Wednesday, October 3 / 2:00 PM / Carnegie Library of McKeesport / 1507 Library Avenue 15232 / 412-672-0625

2. Author Talk: Tuesday, October 9 / 1:00 PM / Whitehall Public Library / 100 Borough Park Drive 15236 / 412-882-6622

3. Author Talk: Tuesday, October 16 / 6:30 PM / Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – West End / 47 Wabash Street 15220 / 412-921-1717

4. Authors’ Event: Thursday, October 18 / 7:00 PM / Northern Tier Regional Library / 4015 Dickey Rd. Gibsonia 15044/ 724-449-2665 * This is a new addition to the October list / it will feature four local authors.

5. Author Talk: Tuesday, October 23 / 6:30 PM / Shaler North Hills Library / 1822 Mt. Royal Blvd. Glenshaw 15116 / 412-486-0211

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