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Welcome to Abbey Mead, Vol. 28

Welcome to Abbey Mead / November 2020 / Letter 28

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Hello and Happy November! Can you believe that it is almost Thanksgiving? In spite of Covid 19 and all its consequences and disruptions, time marches on.

In a blink of an eye, it will be Christmas…and a new year is just around the corner. What will 2021 bring us? Hopefully a vaccine and/or new medications that will lessen the consequences of this puzzling and too often deadly illness.

I truly hope that all is well with you and yours.

PS: I am working on a new novel! This one is a Time Travel Romance. Stay tuned…

* * * * *

We have a Winner! The correct answer to last month’s query is: The Battle of Waterloo! And reader Becky is the winner and soon will be the happy owner of her own physical copy of The Lady’s Wish!

* * * * *

Several more copies of The Lady’s Prayer are now available via the Allegheny County Library system! Yeah!! There are also many copies of The Lady’s Desire on local library shelves as well.

* * * * *

Fun Dates in November (courtesy of

Nov. 1 – National Author’s Day!

Nov. 3 – Election Day / drop whatever you are doing and VOTE!!! If you have already voted by mail, pat yourself on the back!

Nov. 7 – International Merlot Day! / savor the flavor!

Nov. 11 – Armistice Day / commemorates the end of WW1 / also Veterans Day!

Nov. 16 – Teddy Bears for Kids Day!

Nov. 26 – Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble, Gobble, Gobble…

Nov. 30 – National Mason Jar Day!

* * * * *

PS: Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my WEBSITE:

PPS: Questions? Comments? Drop me a line at this EMAIL ADDRESS:

PPPS: If you liked The Lady’s Desire and/or The Lady’s Prayer and/or The Lady’s Wish, please consider writing a REVIEW on Amazon or Goodreads. Or tell a friend! Reviews – especially good ones – are verra much appreciated by William and Anne and above all by me! Many, Many Thanks!!!

PPPPS: FYI: Copies of The Lady’s Wish are only available as ebooks right now. The Lady’s Desire and The Lady’s Prayer are available as books at .

Check out their website!

Of course, physical books and ebooks can be obtained via And the physical books may also be available in bookstores as well as your local library (Readers in Allegheny County, PA can again request library books online now!). Check it out!! And a few local libraries are beginning to partially reopen for actual visits! Hurray!!

Thank goodness for Andrew Carnegie and his system of FREE public libraries !!! FYI…Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was a Scottish immigrant who arrived in Allegheny, PA (now Pittsburgh’s North Side) in 1848.

PPPPPS: Be safe and stay healthy. And pray for our amazing healthcare workers especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Always, Audrey

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