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Welcome to Abbey Mead, Vol. 27

Welcome to Abbey Mead / October 2020 / Letter 27

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

I hope this newsletter finds you and yours well. Have you already read The Lady’s Wish? The ebook is available now. William and Anne are waiting. Their love story continues… As soon as The Lady’s Wish is available as a physical book, I will let you know!

* * * * *

A certain major historical battle occurs in The Lady’s Wish. June 18, 1815 is the date. And it involves the celebrated charge of the Royal Scots Greys cavalry unit. Here is the renowned painting by Elizabeth Lady Butler entitled Scotland Forever that depicts this historic event:

* * * * *

Can you name this famous battle?

The first to email me at with the correct answer will win a free copy of the physical book, The Lady’s Wish !

* * * * *

As the libraries in Allegheny County begin to reopen there may again be opportunities for local author book events. I have already been contacted by the Romance Book Club, That’s Amore, at the Penn Hills Library for such a possible event.

* * * * *

It has come to my attention that paperback copies of The Lady’s Prayer do not seem to be available in the Allegheny County library online catalog although there is a wait list. I have addressed this issue by donating 3 copies of the book to my local library. As soon as they are cataloged, they will be available to request online.

* * * * *

So what else is new?

I have begun writing a new book – this one is a Time Travel Romance. My favorite type of Romance!

The Time Travel premise opens up all sorts of possibilities. Time periods, places, plot threads, characters…real and imagined.

May I recommend my favorite Time Travel Romance, A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. This author is a truly prolific writer of romance. You will find many of Jude’s books in our local libraries.

An award winning local Pittsburgh author, Gwyn Cready, does Time Travel verra well. She often uses Pittsburgh as her initial setting. You will also find Gwyn’s books in our local libraries. I am currently reading her, Just in Time for a Highlander.

* * * * *

Fun Dates in October (courtesy of :

October 1 / International Coffee Day! / Stop the Presses – this is now my official HAPPY DAY! I cannot live without coffee!!

October 4 / International Vodka Day!

October 5 / World Teachers Day / Remember your favorite teachers?

October 6 / American Libraries Day / Don’t forget to support your local library!

October 28 / National Chocolate Day!!! / Another official HAPPY DAY!

October 29 / National Cat Day! / Meow…

October 31 / Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!! / Of course, this annual tradition may be cancelled or revised this year because of Covid 19…

* * * * *

PS: Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my WEBSITE:

PPS: Questions? Comments? Drop me a line at this EMAIL ADDRESS:

PPPS: If you liked The Lady’s Desire and/or The Lady’s Prayer and/or The Lady’s Wish, please consider writing a REVIEW on Amazon or Goodreads. Or tell a friend! Reviews – especially good ones – are verra much appreciated by William and Anne and above all by me! Many, Many Thanks!!!

PPPPS: FYI: Copies of The Lady’s Wish are only available as ebooks right now. The Lady’s Desire and The Lady’s Prayer are available as books at . Check out their website!

Of course, physical books and ebooks can also be obtained via And the physical books may also be available in bookstores as well as your local library (Readers in Allegheny County, PA can order library books online now!). Check it out!! And a few local libraries are beginning to partially reopen for actual visits! Hurray!!

Thank goodness for Andrew Carnegie and his system of FREE public libraries !!! FYI…Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) was a Scottish immigrant who arrived in Allegheny, PA (now Pittsburgh’s North Side) in 1848.

PPPPPS: Be safe and stay healthy. And pray for our amazing healthcare workers especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Always, Audrey

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