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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 4

Welcome to Abbey Mead / Letter 4 /November, 2018

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

I look forward to sharing with you tidbits of my research and the many serendipitous details concerning English country life that I uncovered: the cottages, the graveyards, the gardens, household artifacts, the humble folks, speech ways, warfare, the Royal Scots Greys, Surrey, India, and even smuggling. These many elements help to enrich the story of Abbey Mead.

It took me about 8 years to research and write the Abbey Mead trilogy. And as I tweak and revise books 2 and 3, I am still researching! I hope that these details allow the characters and their world to come alive for you.

A few literary reminders:

PS Remember: The Lady’s Desire will be released on November 6, 2018 as a paperback. And you can pre-order it NOW on Amazon.

PPS Scheduled Events: There are no Library events scheduled as yet in November.

I have been invited to attend two local Book Clubs (in December and January). Their members will be reading and discussing The Lady’s Desire. What a wonderful idea. I know that one book club hostess will be serving Mrs. Clarke’s Raspberry Tarts….

If you belong to a local book club and believe that your friends would enjoy reading and discussing

The Lady’s Desire, please email me at . I would be pleased to join in your conversation.

PPPS Here are a few pleasurable dates (special holidays and/or events that mostly celebrate Chocolate, Coffee, and Books) in November:

November 1: Author’s Day! Today!! Who is your favorite author?

November 6: Election Day / Vote

November 8: Cappuccino Day

November 11: Veterans’ Day / Sundae Day

November 13: World Kindness Day

November 22: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23: Espresso Day

November 25: Parfait Day

November 26: Cake Day

November 29: Square Dance Day / FYI: Our popular Virginia Reel is based on the older English version known as Sir Roger de Coverley. Sound familiar? This was the last or “finishing” dance at the Addiscombe fête where William and Anne first meet in 1812….

Here is a website link that shows couples dressed in Regency-style clothing and performing the sprightly and popular line dance known in England as Sir Roger de Coverley:

Now you can visualize William (in his Scots Greys uniform – see below – minus the tall shako of course) and Anne (in her elegant sapphire blue gown) together at the Addiscombe fête.


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