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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 7

Welcome to Abbey Mead / Letter 7 / February 2019

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

A question: If you were in charge of making a movie version of the The Lady’s Desire, who would you cast in the role of William Ferguson?

FYI: Our William is 6’3” / aged 32 in 1814 when he meets Anne / born in Scotland / he is intelligent / possesses strong math skills /speaks English with a lovely Scottish brogue / also speaks Scottish Gaelic, French, Spanish, and Hindi / he joined the Royal Scots Greys cavalry unit when he was 18 / he is battle-tested in France, Spain, and India / slightly curly blonde hair / golden-reddish beard / deep-set hazel green eyes / tanned from the sun / handsome – more rugged - not a pretty boy – women stop and look at him when he enters a room / broad shoulders / long legs / long fingers / gentle hands with a lady or a horse /

Shoot me an email ( with your suggestions! I will share them in the next newsletter!

The Lady’s Prayer / An Abbey Mead Novel / Book 2 is now in the hands of my editor! YES! The saga of William and Anne continues! I am also deciding how I want the book’s cover to look – a verra serious decision!

In Book 2, you will find lots of danger and drama. The winds of war sweep our star-crossed lovers to the brink of hell and back again. And what about Lord Westmeare? Can William and Anne and their love endure? Only time will tell…. But after all, this is a romance, where “happy endings” are almost guaranteed. And through it all, William whispers to his beloved Anne, “I will love ye, lass, as long as I have breath.” (Sigh…so romantic….)

FYI: The Lady’s Wish / An Abbey Mead Novel / Book 3 is already written, but is not yet ready for prime time….

* * * * *

Happy Valentine’s Day! As a reader and writer of romances, this month of February is verra special. Valentine’s Day originated as a Western Christian Feast Day, celebrated on February 14th, honoring two saints named Valentinus. The idea of celebrating romantic love on this date began with Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. So to Chaucer goes the credit!!! In England in the 1700’s, lovers began to express their love by offering flowers, candy, and handwritten greeting cards. Sometime in the 1800’s, mass-produced cards appeared. So William could have given Anne flowers and a card to express his love and devotion to her. Hmmm…a future plot point? How sweet! How romantic….

* * * * *

What I am reading:

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. This is Book 2 in the All Souls Trilogy which finds our intrepid couple, Diana and Matthew, time traveling back to the 16th century as they search for the missing and mysterious manuscript Ashmole 782. Did I mention that Book 1, A Discovery of Witches, is now available as a TV series on Sundance Now? And it is terrific!

A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux (1989 and 2002). This is one of my favorite romances. Time travel, a modern damsel in distress, and an Elizabethan era knight…. A wonderful, unforgettable love story. I have read this book three times!!! You actually might find the book in your local Library….

Duke du Jour by Petie McCarty. Also time travel! Do you see a theme here? I do so love time travel themed romance novels. Here a very modern English duke, Jared Langley, gets swept back to 1816 where he must uncover the truth about his earlier and missing ancestor. Where is the missing seventh duke? While searching for his lost ancestor, Jared discovers his true love, the Lady Ariana. Does Jared find the missing duke? Can Jared return to the future? Will Jared even want to return…with the lovely Ariana waiting in the wings? This book is available as an ebook on Amazon….

* * * * *

Library Author Talks in February:

Several local librarians thought that featuring a Romance program would be an ideal fit with Valentine’s Day! As many of you know, my presentation includes a history of Romance novels and a fun discussion of the five “heat” levels offered in today’s romances. I call it the “Romance Richter Scale.” I look forward to seeing you at one of these library events. Bring a friend! I will also have books to sell and to sign! And the library staffs usually serve food and beverages…. Call the library in advance as you may have to register. Also, if the weather is iffy, call the library as the program may be cancelled and rescheduled.

Here are the six local Library Author Talks scheduled in February:

1. Saturday, February 9, 2019 / 2:00 – 3:00 / Penn Hills Library / 1037 Stotler Road, Pittsburgh PA 15235 / 412-795-3507, ext. 120

2. Wednesday, February 13 / 6:30 BYOB and 7:00 Talk / Northland Public Library / 300 Cumberland Road, Pittsburgh PA 15237 / 412-366-8100 x112

3. Thursday, February 14, 2019 / 2:00 / Tea / Upper St. Clair Township Library / 1820 McLaughlin Run Road, Upper St. Clair PA 15241 / 412- 835-5540 x283

4. Tuesday, February 19 / 6:30 / Western Allegheny Community Library / 181 Bateman Road / Oakdale PA 15071 / 724-695-8150

5. Wednesday, February 20 / 7:00 / Greentree Public Library / 10 W. Manila Avenue / Pittsburgh PA 15220 / 412-921-9292

6. Wednesday, February 27 / 7:00 / Castle Shannon Library / 3677 Myrtle Avenue / Pittsburgh PA 15234 / 412-563-4552

* * * * *

A surprising incident: My friend Kathy who lives in the state of Washington (Yes! Folks all over the country are reading The Lady’s Desire!) was perusing the book in a doctor’s office. Someone observed her and asked if she liked the book. Kathy (of course!) said yes and after a brief discussion the lady went online and ordered the book for herself! Isn’t that cool? Amazon and cell phones are a modern writer’s best friends! Not to mention friends who live in other states!

Until next month, happy reading…. As Always, Audrey

PS Remember, you can reach me at:

PPS Looking for an appropriate gift for a special friend for Valentine’s Day? Consider giving a copy of The Lady’s Desire !!!

PPPS Fun Dates [books, food (mostly chocolate!), & special holidays] in February:

February 2: Did you know? The first Groundhog Day was observed in Punxsutawney, PA in 1887

[ FYI: Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow this morning! So look for an Early Spring! ]

February 2: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

February 5: Chocolate Fondue Day

February 11: Clean Out Your Computer Day (useful reminder for authors and everyone else!) (My husband wants me to remind you to BACK UP all important files!!!)

February 14: Library Lovers Day (my personal favorite!)

February 14: Valentine’s Day

February 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 19: Chocolate Mint Day

PPPPS Past Abbey Mead newsletters (1 - 6) can be found on my website: .

PPPPPS Should you wish to be removed from the Abbey Mead newsletter list, just send me an email with “Unsubscribe” as the subject heading by clicking UNSUBSCRIBE.

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