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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 6

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year!!

I am in the process of refining/tweaking/revising/honing/perfecting Book 2 in the Abbey Mead series. The Lady’s Prayer will soon be in the hands of my editor. Yeah! The saga of William and Anne continues….

Upcoming Local Author Talks and Book Events in January:

Book Club Gathering / January 16 /

Newsletter Tidbits:

Some of you have asked about the cover image for The Lady’s Desire. A friend described the image as “Sexy but chaste!”

I love the cover. It rather depicts the closing scene in the book when William and Anne declare their love for each other within the stables at Ft. Paanchdurga. The cover reflects the scene in India with a fortress and palm trees in the background. Fiona Jade is the cover artist. To see other examples of Fiona’s work, explore her website: .

* * * * *

Before writing Romance novels, I previously spent decades working on my family’s Genealogy. I began that journey before there was even an Internet! Yikes! I have boxes of photocopies of family history material that need to be scanned and purged. I still dabble in exploring my family’s tree on occasion, using basic genealogy websites.

Just for fun, I investigated FamilySearch to broadly explore vital records and wills for signs of “Tuttles” in Surrey, England. And I found numerous individuals with the Tuttle name living in Surrey in the 1800’s!!! Fun!

* * * * *

FYI… We frequently order Chinese food from a local restaurant, Wang’s. When I recently opened a fortune cookie, the printed fortune read “Romance awaits you.” Sweet!

* * * * *

What I am currently reading:

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin. Regency romances really began with Jane Austin (1775 - 1817). She published Sense and Sensibility in 1811 and her most famous Pride and Prejudice in 1813. PBS also offers a fine TV version of Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austin’s father was a minister like Anne’s. Wouldn’t it be fun to have our heroine, Anne, reading one of these novels sometime in the trilogy? Hmmmm….

Just finished A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I believe this is my 3rd reading of the book. A modern spellbound witch, an ancient and powerful vampire, and a lost medieval manuscript! Oh, my! This awesome story will air as a TV series in the U.S. on Sundance Now and Shudder beginning on January 17, 2019. Yeah!!! Happy Dancing in my writing nook….

* * * * *

PS Fun dates in January:

January 1 National Hangover Day / New Year’s Day

January 3 Fruitcake Toss Day / Warning: If you do not toss out the fruitcake today, then you must keep it until next Christmas!

January 6 Cuddle Up Day / Keep warm and cuddle up with a special someone, a pet, or even a good book!

January 10 Bittersweet Chocolate Day / At least 35 percent chocolate with some small amount of sugar added /Also known as dark chocolate /Usually darker and less sweet than semisweet / It is a popular chocolate for baking.

January 18 Thesaurus Day / to celebrate the birthday of Englishman and physician, Peter Roget (1779-1869)/ In 1852, Roget published his now famous reference book / Just where would writers be without this most useful tool!

January 23 National Pie Day / Created by the National Pie Council / best day to bake and eat pie! / What is your favorite pie?

January 27 Chocolate Cake Day / needs no further description / Step 1: bake or buy! Step 2: eat! Step 3: enjoy!

PPS Past Abbey Mead newsletters (1 - 5) can be found on my website: .

PPPS Should you wish to be removed from the Abbey Mead newsletter list, just send me an email with “Unsubscribe” as the subject heading by clicking UNSUBSCRIBE.

Always, Audrey

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