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Welcome to Abbey Mead, Vol. 26

Welcome to Abbey Mead / September 2020 / Letter 26

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Hope this newsletter finds you well. Have you already read The Lady’s Wish? The ebook is available now. William and Anne are waiting. Their love story continues…

Tired of the harsh reality of current events?

Covid 19 and bitter politics?

Escape into the past where fictional life and death and happiness are on the line.

Battlefield and captivity, shipwreck and loss…

Will our star-crossed lovers survive?

Will events bring them together or tear them apart?

Will Love Conquer All?

Will William and Anne experience their HEA?

And what about the enigmatic Lord Westmeare? Hmmm…

The answers to these questions lie within the pages of The Lady’s Wish !

* * * * *

Fun Dates in September (courtesy of :

September 5: Bacon Day / my favorite food group! / Ymmmm!

September 7: Labor Day

September 9: National Teddy Bear Day/ Awwww…

September 11: Patriot Day or 9/11

September 13: Grandparents’ Day

September 18: Read an Ebook Day / may I recommend The Lady’s Wish!

September 19: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 22: Ice Cream Cone Day!

September 26: Johnny Appleseed Day / 1774 -1845 / aka John Chapman

* * * * *

PS: Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my WEBSITE:

PPS: Questions? Comments? Drop me a line at this EMAIL ADDRESS:

PPPS: If you liked The Lady’s Desire and/or The Lady’s Prayer and/or The Lady’s Wish, please consider writing a REVIEW on Amazon or Goodreads. Or tell a friend! Reviews – especially good ones – are verra much appreciated by William and Anne and above all by me! Many Thanks!!!

PPPPS: FYI: Copies of The Lady’s Wish are only available as ebooks right now. The Lady’s Desire and The Lady’s Prayer are available at along with many, many, other fine Romance novels. Check out Soul Mate’s website!

Of course, physical books and ebooks can also be obtained via And the physical books may also be available in bookstores as well as your local library (Readers in Allegheny County, PA can order library books online now!). Check it out!! Thank goodness for Andrew Carnegie and his system of FREE libraries !!!

PPPPPS: Be safe and stay healthy. And pray for our amazing healthcare workers especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Always, Audrey

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