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Welcome to Abbey Mead, Vol. 25

Welcome to Abbey Mead /August 2020 / Letter 25

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

August 12th is the date to remember. The Lady’s Wish will be released as an ebook!

The Lady's Wish- An Abbey Mead Novel, Book 3

It is September, 1815. And the saga of William and Anne continues…

He endured warfare and captivity. She suffered shipwreck and loss. Yet against all odds, their love still survives…

Theirs was a passion forged in adversity and a devotion deepened by the passage of time. Separated for over a year, this pair of star-crossed lovers faces an uncertain future.

So what does fate hold in store for William and Anne? And what of the enigmatic Lord Westmeare?

With hope in her heart, Anne embraces the echo of William’s oft-whispered vow: “I will love ye, lass, as long as I have breath.”

Will the Lady’s Desire be realized?

Will the Lady’s Prayer be answered?

Will the Lady’s Wish be granted?

The answers to these questions will be revealed where their story began

In Abbey Mead…

* * * * *

Fun Dates in August:

August 1: World Wide Web Day

August 2: National Coloring Book Day

August 3: Friendship Day / Hello, Friends!

August 9: National Book Lovers Day / One of my Favorites !!!

August 12: Release Date for The Lady’s Wish !!!

August 16: National Rollercoaster Day / Is Kennywood Open?

August 21: Senior Citizen Day / Hey! That’s Us!!

August 26: National Dog Day / Remember this: NOBODY loves you like your dog!

August 29: Our 50th Wedding Anniversary! WOW! Go, Tony & Audrey

* * * * *

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PPPPPS: Be safe and stay healthy. And pray for our amazing healthcare workers especially during this Covid 19 pandemic.

Always, Audrey

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