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Welcome to Abbey Mead, Vol. 22

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

I hope that you and yours are well. We are living in the Age of Covid 19. We survived March and April 2020. So what is next? The practice of staying indoors may be relaxed on May 8th here in Pennsylvania. So we might be able to venture outside our homes but still practice Social Distancing. And masks are now required in Pennsylvania!

My Library Author Events have been cancelled and/or rescheduled because the local libraries are closed. Stay tuned…

Much has happened in the wider world and we must take each day as it comes. So much is weird and unknown. But we will survive this!

* * * * *

News from my editor: We have engaged in the first round of edits for Book 3: The Lady’s Wish! This is a process… Stay tuned…

* * * * *

Why do folks read and write Romances? Some folks can be rather dismissive of romances. You may have heard some say, “Oh, I don’t read those.” Really? What do they mean by “those”? The love theme is ubiquitous and timeless. Many classic titles and even fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast) are romances at their heart. The list is endless.

Romances are challenging to write. You need the right blend of exhilarating plot, engaging characters, and elegant style.

Romances are a delight to read. And there are so many, many, many, many categories to choose from: contemporary, historical, mystery/suspense, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, time travel, sweet, erotic, and religious/spiritual…

Who are your favorite Romance authors? What are your favorite titles?

A few of my favorites:

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin (a true classic)

A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux (20th century woman meets 16th century knight)

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (time travel on steroids)

Timeless Desire (time travel story that begins with a peculiar doorway hidden within a Carnegie library) by Gwyn Cready (local Pittsburgh author!)

You may notice that I have a penchant for time travel romances!

These books all possess amazing plots, unforgettable characters, and solid prose. Give one a try!

* * * * *

Local Romance Authors:

Did you know? These popular national best selling romance writers all live in or near Pittsburgh:

Grace Burrowes / Gwyn Cready / Galen Foley / Madeline Hunter /

Other local authors who belong to the Three Rivers Romance Writers group:


* * * * *

Fun Dates in May:

May 3 – Lemonade Day (first Sunday)

May 5 – National Teacher Day – Celebrate the heroes of the classroom!

May 6 – National RN Recognition Day – Know a Nurse? I do!

May 10 – Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May 11 – Root Canal Appreciation Day – Really???

May 14 – National Chicken Dance Day – you know you hear the tune – Get up off the couch and Dance! Flap those elbows!!

May 26 - National Paper Airplane Day – remind Tony!!

May 30 – Memorial Day!! (traditional)

* * * * *

PS: Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my website: .

PPS: Questions? Comments? Drop me a line at:

PPPS: If you liked The Lady’s Desire and/or The Lady’s Prayer, please consider writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Or tell a friend! Reviews – especially good ones – are verra much appreciated by William and Anne and above all by me! Thanks!!!

PPPPS: Copies of The Lady’s Desire and The Lady’s Prayer may also be available at your local library (once they reopen!). Check it out!

PPPPPS: Be safe and stay healthy. And pray for our amazing healthcare workers.

Always, Audrey

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