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Welcome to Abbey Mead Vol. 19

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

A BOOK RELEASE EVENT for The Lady’s Prayer will be held at / Riverstone Books / Friday, February 7 at 7:00 PM / Another local author, Gemma McKay (aka Stephanie Keyes), will also be there. Our books will be sold and signed! Join us as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Love, and Romance Books! I look forward to seeing you there!!!

A REMINDER: The Lady’s Prayer is now available as a paperback!

* * * * *

How do I choose the names for the characters in my romance books?

I have been working on the Abbey Mead series for many, many, many years and some of my characters’ first names were used as short-term place holders. ‘William’ and ‘Anne’ were to be only temporary until I decided on something perhaps more elegant or exotic.

Of course, over months and then years, William and Anne became a natural fit. Their names were firmly planted in my mind and thus in the story. So ‘William’ and ‘Anne’ stayed.

Surnames and peerage titles (Duke, Marquis (or Marquess), Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet, or Knight) are a different matter.

There is a recognized rule that writers of fiction should NOT attach already established title names to their fictional titled characters. Since real people use these title names, it is not considered appropriate to apply them to fictitious characters in books.

Keep in mind that titled persons as well as titled characters also have surnames.

Some of you may remember the popular writer of English romances, Jo Beverley. Jo died in May, 2016, but her website is still active and verra interesting. You should definitely check it out:

Jo offered some helpful words of wisdom on the topic of selecting title names for characters in fictional books: Jo’s Famous Guide to Peerage Titles. This is a fascinating guide to the history and rules for the names and titles of actual titled families in Great Britain. And use this website to locate the alphabetical list of actual title names. And there are thousands of title names! I know you will enjoy perusing this astounding list.

Using Jo’s Famous Guide and the Peerage website, I determined from the list of titled names that there is a Westmare and a Westmeath, but NO Westmeare. Yes! I could use that title name for my character! I thought ‘Westmeare’ had a sort of evil or negative connotation to it which is why I used it.

So Anne’s husband is styled Albert Grenville, Viscount Westmeare or Lord Westmeare. Never Lord Albert. Never Lord Grenville. ‘Grenville’ is his surname. ‘Westmeare’ is his title name.

Also as a side note, Anne Tuttle, after she marries Lord Westmeare, should be officially addressed as ‘Lady Westmeare’ but never as ‘Lady Anne.’ This is a title form that could only come from birth. And since Anne’s father was not titled, she should not be styled as ‘Lady Anne.’ Even though she is married to a ‘Lord,’ Anne is not a Lord’s daughter. Interesting…

FYI… I did break that rule because it seemed like a more affectionate reference to her especially coming from her devoted maid, Celia, and also from William. However, technically, it is not acceptable to do so.

Let me know what you think of Jo’s Guide and the Peerage website!

* * * * *

Fun Dates in February:

February 1 – Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

February 7 – Book Release Event at Riverstone Books at 7:00 PM for The Lady’s Prayer !

February 7 – Also the Birthday of Charles Dickens (b. 1812) / Did you know that Dickens

actually visited Pittsburgh in 1842?

February 9 – National Pizza Day!

February 12 – Lincoln’s Birthday (b. 1809)

February 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 17 - Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 18 - National Drink Wine Day! Hmmm… But isn’t every day Drink Wine Day ???

February 22 – Washington’s Birthday (b. 1732)

February 28-29 – Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Forget the diet! Thin Mints are coming! Thin Mints are coming!! Thin Mints are coming!!!

* * * * *

PS: Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my website: . Check it out…

PPS: If you liked The Lady’s Prayer, please consider writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Or tell a friend! Reviews – especially good ones – are verra much appreciated by William and Anne. And by me! Thanks much!!!

PPPS: Copies of The Lady’s Desire and The Lady’s Prayer may also be available at your local library. Check it out!

PPPPS: What is the most valuable card in your wallet? The card that leads to lots of FREE stuff? Don’t think too hard about this… Shoot me an email with your answer!

Always, Audrey

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