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Welcome to Abbey Mead Vol. 14

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,

Alert! Alert! Alert! In case you missed it! The Lady’s Prayer is now available as an ebook on! The saga of William and Anne continues… Here is the Link:

* * * * *


Book Release Party for The Lady’s Prayer (ebook version) / Saturday, September 7 / 1:00 PM / Brentwood Public Library / 3501 Brownsville Road 15227 / 412-882-5694 / Come and celebrate with other fans of the Abbey Mead series / This will be a joint event with another local author, Toni Weber .

If you live in the area, come join us! Mrs. Clarke’s Raspberry Tarts will be served… / and copies of The Lady’s Desire will also be available for sale and signing.

PS If you own a Kindle, an iPad or other tablet computer, or a smart phone, bring it to the September event at the Brentwood Library. Someone will be on hand to help you download the ebook version of The Lady’s Prayer!

It is so verra convenient to carry a book on your cell phone. I do it all the time. Wherever you go, your phone is always with you. Right? So now your favorite characters can travel with you… Wherever you may wander… Take William and Anne along for the ride!

On the bus, in the doctor’s waiting room, a concert in the park, another mind-numbing meeting…your favorite characters are waiting!

And the phone remembers where you left off…no losing your place or your bookmark. So verra convenient! William and Anne would be amazed at this technology!

PPS The paperback version of The Lady’s Prayer will be released sometime this fall. And I will be a guest author at Riverstone Books in the North Hills for that event. Stay tuned!

PPPS Meanwhile… Autographed copies of The Lady’s Desire are now on sale at Riverstone Books located at 8850 Covenant Avenue, Pittsburgh 15237. Check out this lovely and amazing book store where they promote local authors!

* * * * *

Smuggling 101

And now, more about Smuggling, Lord Westmeare, and what happens next in India:

As we discovered last month, Smuggling was a very real and dangerous activity in the 18th and 19th centuries in England.

In The Lady’s Desire, Lord Westmeare engages in shipwreck salvage as the leader of a band of local smugglers in Surrey. Westmeare suffers from a frustrating and persistent lack of funds. His father, living in Italy, has restricted his allowance until he produces an heir. So Westmeare uses the ill-gotten gains from smuggling to increase his personal wealth by selling off any valuables to shady dealers in London who may not ask too many probing questions. This is how he keeps financially afloat (HA! No pun intended!) .

There is a scene in the book where Lord Westmeare supervises the sorting of recently salvaged plunder. This is when he first obtained Anne’s sapphire and diamond necklace with matching earrings. Anne wore them only once. She never saw and never missed the jewelry after the fête at Addiscombe. Presumably, Westmeare sold them in London…

So what happens next in India? Lord Westmeare craves only two things: more money and an heir. But Westmeare has issues…

How will he keep financially afloat while living in India? We know that Lord Westmeare gambles excessively and often unsuccessfully…

And how will he acquire his much needed heir? As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, Lord Westmeare suffers from Sensory Processing Disorder, a not understood or diagnosed condition back in the early 19th century. He cannot touch or be touched. (Westmeare is not impotent and he is not gay.) This unfortunate disorder presents a serious dilemma. What can Westmeare do?

With such a regrettable condition, how will Westmeare obtain his much needed heir? What are his options? What are his unscrupulous plans for Anne?

The answers to these questions can be found within the pages of Book 2, The Lady’s Prayer… But will Anne survive what lies ahead? Will she be able to draw upon an inner strength? Will her own personal pluck prevail! What do you think? Needs must!

FYI… Smuggling will return in Book 3, The Lady’s Wish. Stay tuned…

* * * * *

Random Fun and Important Dates in September:

September 1 / Random Acts of Kindness Day!

September 7 / 1:00 PM / Book Release Party for The Lady’s Prayer / Brentwood Library / 3501 Brownsville Road / 412- 882-5694 / Come and celebrate the return of William and Anne! / I look forward to seeing you there! / And meet my friend and fellow local author, Toni Weber! Two authors! One free event!!

September 9 / International Buy a Priest a Beer Day / No, this is NOT an Irish holiday! / but started by a devout Catholic who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma / interesting!

September 9 / National Teddy Bear Day / hug your Bear!

September 11 / Patriot Day / Remembering September 11, 2001

September 13 / International Chocolate Day / one of my favorites!

September 13 / Friday the Thirteenth Day / be careful… there is another one in December…

September 19 / Talk like a Pirate Day / Aargh, Ye Maties! / another one of my favorites!

September 27 / Love Note Day / Sweet… Hmmmm… Does William ever send Anne a love note? A possible plot point for Book 3? Stay tuned…

September 29 / International Coffee Day / Everyday is Coffee Day for me!

* * * * *

Past Abbey Mead newsletters can be found on my website:

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