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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 12

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,


The Lady’s Prayer will be released as an ebook on July 17th, but you can preorder it SOON on


BACK COVER TEXT for The Lady’s Prayer:

With one breathless and unforgettable embrace, William and Anne finally disclosed their love for one another. Now they face an uncertain future. The Viscount Westmeare holds all the cards and this dealer demands to be obeyed.

But William and Anne confront a more immediate and lethal problem. In 1813, the Indian countryside is ablaze as danger, destruction, and even death loom beyond the walls of their remote fortress.

The terror of kidnap, warfare, and shipwreck threaten their very lives. Will they survive the perils that lie ahead?

Through it all, William whispers to his beloved Anne,

“I will love ye, lass, as long as I have breath.”

Through it all, the lady’s prayer echoes over space and time: “Send him home, send him home.”

Across three continents. Two star-crossed lovers. One abiding love…

* * * * *

By-the-by: Fiona Jade is again the gifted cover artist. To see other examples of Fiona’s work, explore her website: .

* * * * *

Yippee!!! I am once more happy dancing through the halls of Hartwood Manor!! And celebrating with another tray of Mrs. Clarke’s Raspberry Tarts!

And William and Anne are verra pleased to again appear in print! They hope you enjoy their continuing saga. But hold on for a bumpy ride! This book is a page turner! But remember, although their present road is quite a bit rough, smooth sailing lies ahead…

FYI… Today’s romances (whether historical, contemporary, paranormal, etc.) are pretty much guaranteed to offer a satisfactory or happy ever after ending. So keep turning those pages…

* * * * *

Book Events:

July 22 / 6:30 PM / Brentwood Public Library Book Club / This group will be reading and discussing The Lady’s Desire! And they will be the first Book Club to read excerpts from The Lady’s Prayer!

Book Clubs are a great way for Authors to meet their readers. If you think your Book Club would enjoy reading and discussing the books in the Abbey Mead series, just contact me:

PS I usually bring along a tray of Mrs. Clarke’s Raspberry Tarts!!!

* * * * *

But wait. There’s more! Signed copies of The Lady’s Desire are now available and on the shelf at the Riverstone Book Store in the North Hills at 8850 Covenant Avenue (just off McKnight Road in the McCandless Crossing Shopping Area), Pittsburgh, PA 15237 / 412-366-1001. . This is a verra lovely book store. Definitely worth a visit!

* * * * *

Wishing you well and smooth sailing, I am as always, Audrey Abbott

* * * * *


July / National Ice Cream Month / declared so by President Reagan in 1984 !

July 4 / Fourth of July / Happy Birthday, America! / The date in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress

July 6 / International Kissing Day / How Sweet!

July 10 / Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 15 / Gummi Worms Day

July 17 / Release Date for The Lady’s Prayer !!!!!!!

July 27 / Bagpipe Appreciation Day / WOW! / William Ferguson would surely celebrate this day! / FYI: although the bagpipe is most commonly associated with Scotland, the next largest producer of these instruments is Pakistan. Who knew?

July 30 / Cheesecake Day

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