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Welcome to Abbey Mead - Vol. 10

Audrey Abbott

Welcome to Abbey Mead / May 2019 / Letter 10

Dear Friends of Abbey Mead,



The Lady’s Prayer, Book 2 in the Abbey Mead Trilogy, will be released in July, 2019 !!!!!!!

The book is now in the hands of my editor!  Let the editing begin!!

It’s MAY and the lilacs are in bloom. Such a lovely month!!

In April, I had an amazing visit with the new Romance Book Club at the Penn Hills Library. The members selected The Lady’s Desire as their first book to read and discuss. I attended their session and was overwhelmed by their positive response to the book, the characters, descriptions, etc. These awesome gals asked lots of interesting questions and for an hour and a half we immersed ourselves in the early 1800’s and the story of William and Anne.  One of the members even correctly diagnosed Lord Westmeare’s medical issue. She knew he suffered from Sensory Processing Disorder!! Wow!

As a treat, I brought along a tray of Raspberry Tarts. As you will remember, William Ferguson loves Mrs. Clarke’s recipe!  Sadly, dear Mrs. Clarke has not yet shared her recipe with me. In case you forgot, here is my simple version:

Take Scottish short bread cookies (I prefer Walkers. They are made in Scotland!).Spread your favorite raspberry jam over each cookie (my friend, Carol, makes the most awesome raspberry jam!)Serve. Yummy!

Also in April, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh held the Battle of the Books. Ten books by local authors were featured, including The Lady’s Desire. It was an “after hours” event replete with wine, treats, and a sea of eager teams ready to do battle in a Book Trivia contest. I met several devoted fans of William and Anne! It was fun and full of high energy! 

* * * * *

FYI:  Did you know there is a bookstore in Culver City, CA that specializes in Romance  books?  It is called The Ripped Bodice! 

Check out their website: . They carry all types of romance novels (mild to sizzling). And they are now carrying The Lady’s Desire!

Do you know anyone who lives out there?  Recommend that they stop in the bookstore! And tell us what they thought! You can also order books from them online!!  Besides books, they also sell tote bags, tee shirts, etc.                                                      

* * * * *

Audrey’s Local BOOK Events in May:

As we experienced some iffy weather in February, we had to cancel the Author Event at Northland Library. That has been rescheduled for Thursday,   May 30 at 6:30 PM. Hope to see you there! There should be NO Snow in May.  I think… I hope…

* * * * *

While you wait for The Lady’s Prayer what to read next?  May I suggest…

The Spellbinder’s Sonata by local Pittsburgh author, Stephanie Keyes

Magic, music, and one dark curse… This lovely YA romance is set in contemporary Pittsburgh where a teen clarinetist and an enigmatic young pianist are swept up in a paranormal quest.

Kate Covington attends a school for exceptional young musicians located within the eerie walls of an old North Side mansion.  Kate is a senior and talented, yet she struggles with her clarinet. Handsome and gifted pianist, Griffin Dunn, is willing to tutor her. Kate finds Griffin to be a bit distant and haughty, but she appreciates his help.

They become friends and then more than friends. But the path of young love never does run smooth….  

The music school is haunted by the ghost of a young piano virtuoso who died over a hundred years ago. The ghost is ensnared by an evil curse. That troubled ghost is Griffin.

Can Kate and Griffin defeat the dark magic and free him from his curse? Or will he remain a lonely spirit trapped forever within the walls of the old mansion?

I love this book. Available on Amazon for your Kindle or as a paperback.

* * * * *

Writing a Review. Please consider writing a review for The Lady’s Desire on Amazon or Goodreads. It will encourage others to select and read the book. Thank you.

* * * * *


May 1 / b. 1769 Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington / Irish/English field marshal, politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom / he will be an important character in Book #3! Plot Hint…

May 4 / Surrey Day / learn more about this lovely place in England and, of course, the setting for part of the Abbey Mead trilogy /

May 11 / Eat what You Want Day

May 15 / Chocolate Chip Day

May 24 / 1830 Mary had a Little Lamb was published / American Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788-1879) penned this now famous nursery rhyme.  Who knew???

May 31 / 1859 The Great Clock housing Big Ben started keeping time. The clock at the top of Elizabeth Tower at the north end of the British Houses of Parliament is one of the world's best-known timekeepers / Also it’s Macaroon Day!

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