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It was nice to see you...

This is just a short note...

First, it was gratifying to see so many of you at my book’s Launch Event on August 11th. Thank you all for supporting my first published romance novel!

And kudos to the staff at the Brentwood Library who did such an amazing job.

Second, I wanted to address an issue that several of you have encountered. This is the fact that Amazon will not allow some of you to enter a review of The Lady’s Desire even though you downloaded the book to your device.

So if you are experiencing this issue, here is the reason why:

Amazon Customer Reviews Eligibility:

To contribute to Customer features (for example, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers, Idea Lists) or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on using a valid credit or debit card in the past 12 months. Promotional discounts don't qualify towards the $50 minimum. You do not need to meet this requirement to read content posted by other contributors.

So, if you have NOT spent $50 on Amazon in the past 12 months, but would like to write a review, please go to . There you can leave a review. Just search for the Title or the Author. You will then need to create an account, but it is easy and free.

FYI: Goodreads does not sell books – it just celebrates books and reading!

Next Event:

1. Author Talk: Thursday, September 13 / 6:00 PM / Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Beechview / 1910 Broadway Avenue / 412-563-2900

As always, Audrey Abbott (aka Audrey Iacone)

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