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Book no.1
The Lady's Desire, an Abbey Mead Novel, cover

The Lady's Desire - An Abbey Mead Novel, Book 1

In the Spring of 1812, sorrow and dread lurk within the serene countryside of Surrey, England. In the quiet village of Abbey Mead, Lady Anne Westmeare finds herself in possession of a hollow title, an empty bed, and a cold, oppressive husband. To Anne, the Viscount Westmeare is an enigma.

But when Scottish Captain William Ferguson rides into her life, Anne discovers the companion and champion that she has always desired. Their attraction is immediate and mutual. But neither is willing to sacrifice her virtue nor his honor. They strive to resist their desires.

But can William and Anne ignore those desires when the very man who should wish to keep them apart is driving them together?

Fate carries this pair of star-crossed lovers to the vast subcontinent of India. There they endeavor to forget each other until providence intervenes. There they endure the terror and anguish of kidnap, torture, and even death.


Through it all, their devotion to each other prevails.


Through it all, the lady's desire becomes her destiny.

The Lady's Prayer

The Lady's Prayer - An Abbey Mead Novel, Book 2

With one breathless and unforgettable embrace, William and Anne finally disclosed their love for one another. Now they face an uncertain future. The Viscount Westmeare holds all the cards and this dealer demands to be obeyed.

But William and Anne confront a more immediate and lethal problem. In 1813, the Indian countryside is ablaze as danger, destruction, and even death loom beyond the walls of their remote fortress.


The terror of kidnap, warfare, and shipwreck threaten their very lives. Will they survive the perils that lie ahead?

Through it all, William whispers to his beloved Anne,

 “I will love ye, lass, as long as I have breath.”


Through it all, the lady’s prayer echoes over space and time: “Send him home, send him home.”

Across three continents. Two star-crossed lovers. One abiding love…


The Lady's Wish- An Abbey Mead Novel, Book 3

It is September, 1815. And the saga of William and Anne continues…

He endured warfare and captivity. She suffered shipwreck and childbirth.Yet against all odds, their love still survives…

Theirs was a passion forged in adversity and a devotion deepened by the passage of time. Separated for over a year, this pair of star-crossed lovers faces an uncertain future. 

So what does fate hold in store for William and Anne? And what of the enigmatic Lord Westmeare?

With hope in her heart, Anne embraces the echo of William’s oft-whispered vow:  I will love ye, lass, as long as I have breath.

Will the Lady’s Desire be realized? Will the Lady’s Prayer be answered? Will the Lady’s Wish be granted?

The answers to these questions will be revealed where their story began.

In Abbey Mead…

Book no.2
Book no.3
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